Gameyus Interactive development team in co-operation with insurance company, has successfully completed yet another mobile phone game. The game is called Beoventura and should appear in distribution by mid-November. Beoventura represents yet another step forward in domestic game development and the Gameyus Interactive team behind this game is proud as well as satisfied to have had the opportunity to work on such a project as it's an experience in itself.

Beoventura is an arcade-platform game. It will lead you through 20 levels or 4 campaigns, where each campaign represents a stylized Belgrade ambient. Therefore, you will take your avatar, a lovable character named Djole through Novi Beograd, Ada Ciganlija, Kalemegdan and Trg Republike.

Further information can be found here.

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Pchelac for mobile phones is finished!
Pchelac is a puzzle/arcade game.

Your mission is to help Pcelac to gather fruit, so that he can make honey! Solve more than twenty demanding levels. Avoid the mystical ball and the bombs, outsmart the wasp, bumble-bees and the spiders, and collect all required fruit!

Find out more about Pchelac here

BeaverEd for mobile phones is finished!
BeaverEd is a puzzle/arcade game.

Beaver Ed is a good carpenter - the best one in the forest! A jelous woodpecker stole his tools hoping that he would became the best wood-worker. Your task is to help Ed find and restore his tools, so he could get back to work!

Find out more about BeaverEd here

Enemy Engaged 2: Desert Operations - Standalone Expansion Pack

Three new war theatres:
* Iran
* Antarctic
* Afghanistan

New textures + support for different textures in each campaign, new models, impressive canyons and mountains...